Great Anime Songs Introduce PART1 [Sorairo Days]

#1 “Sorairo Days”  (sing by Shoko Nakagawa)

This song was used opening theme of “Tengentoppa GurenRagan”
This Anime was broadcasted in2007.It’s still loved by many Japanese fans.

This Anime is very dramatic and exciting.
Because, became more great, more excite, by this song.
At the same time, “Sorairo Days” colored by this Animetion.

Especially, this song flows in episode#27(Final), very great!
It’s one of the most exciting scene in this Anime.

How to watch this Anime?

↓Free watch only episode#1 (niconico videos)


↓All episode can watch here “Hulu” (paid video distribution service)

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